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BLISS Entertainment Studios is an educational, entertainment and retail company. The company has developed several different products and services that will generate revenues through many different channels such as:  Licensing, retail, interactive educational technology learning system EIT, designed to sale to other educational platforms. The Company also has built business relationships for entertainment outlets for movies and TV with iLaunch/ezway TV Network.

The Team

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The Reason -  For many years families have been striving to improve their children’s education with minimal tools. The entertainment industry has attempted to include education in their entertainment with only limited success, this can been seen through statistics provided by companies such as but not limited to: The National Institute of Literacy.   At BLISS we can increase the level of retention dramatically with our high-tech education products and classrooms.

Our Mission -  BLISS Entertainment Studios mission is to create the best educational system available today.  Tools have been developed in the R and D Facilities to teach powerful mental skills that will nurture positive interaction between parents, children, and communities. With the help of the R and D facility BLISS Entertainment Studios can build new high-tech schools that cater to all children with or without learning disabilities, increasing learning retention from single digits to as high as 85%.  The Company will do this through immersion learning techniques the foster enthusiastic cooperation, active participation, and positive reinforcement, using adventure, magic, mystery, and fantasy in entertainment to teach educational curriculums, thus, building a powerful generation of youth for the future.

The Company  – The Company has plans to bring  unique entertaining and educational products to help build stronger families across the globe. 

Executive profiles – 

JaNelle Garner - CEO/ Founder  Janelle holds an Associates Degree in business management and is a communication specialist.  JaNelle established Bliss Entertainment Studios Inc.  in 2008 after working in service industry for 25 years.  JaNelle has managed several businesses, and acquired invaluable experience with knowledge, skills and creativity that will help make Bliss Entertainment Studios Inc. successful in a relatively short time.  JaNelle is the visionary and one of the creators for  BLISS  products, which she dedicated the last 25+ years.

Melanie Benson - VP/ Founder

 Melanie worked for 12 years as an administrative assistant in financial affairs for a government agency.  She also has managed a commercial business for two years.  Serving as an administrative assistant in financial affairs for 12 years gives her a broad background of experience and opportunities to create financial stability and a strong ability to help operate BLISS Entertainment Studios in differing environments and circumstances. Melanie has helped with government agencies to help take them through the growth phases planned for 

Phil Park - Creative Director

  Phil Park has been described as a creative genius.  He has written a multitude of stories, songs, poems and plays, and is currently working on two Broadway musicals.  His artwork has received an award and been displayed at myriad venues, including the University of California.  Phil holds a Bachelor's degree in physical education from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master's degree in physical education from Brigham Young University, as well as a teaching credential from San Francisco State University.   He has presented at many workshops, conferences and other gatherings, including at the district level for the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  

Allen Olsen - Creative Director

 Recognizing the need to provide a more complete marketing communication service with the added value of interactive marketing tools, Allan has designed professional projects for the web and multimedia presentation projects for companies such as Williams Gateway Airport, BYU, AT Systems Security, The Learning Curve, and Fighter Combat International. His diverse background includes things you build, things you plug in, and things that make you feel better, as well as places you go, people you vote for. An avid doodler and family man, Majored at Brigham Young University in Design/Illustration. He minored in Political Science Cartoonist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Motion graphics artist, Multimedia presentations, FLASH Animator, Editorial Cartoonist

Douglas Booth - Screen Writer:  

After graduating from Harvard College with a magna cum laude degree in American History and Literature, Doug decided to make literary history with “some of his own”!  After becoming an apprentice writer with Hanna-Barbera, to work on modern versions of classic shows such as “Popeye”, “The Flintstones”, and “Scooby-Doo”, Doug has gone on to work for numerous U.S. studios including Disney, Filmation, Marvel, Sunbow, D.I.C., Film Roman, and Mike Young Productions, and international studios in the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia.   As a writer, developer, story-editor, associate & co-producer, and producer, he has contributed to hundreds of produced episodes.  If you’ve spent any time watching kids’ animated TV, chances are, you’ve seen his work!

Toby Cohantz - CTO

Toby  has over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, government, small business and corporate management.  Over the past 10 years, Toby has been evolving projects for technology and entertainment that encompasses interactive television and mobile wireless entertainment.  He has also provided strategic and business plan consulting to startup and growing companies, assisting with capital raising, team management and business development.  A global consumer electronics company to provide media communications and training support to large distributors and sales channel networks has retained him under recent contract.  From 2004-2009, as both a subcontractor and later as Senior Marketing Director, Toby manages marketing and technology projects with Hughes Network Systems, RS&I, and major big box retailers in North America for Laser Shield Systems Inc.    For seven years from 1999-2006, Mr. Cohantz was CEO of Genesis Communications Group Inc.  And Spirial Jungle LLC.  Genesis Communications Group Inc. created and delivered niche interactive television channels.  


Michael Short - CTO

Michael is currently serving as Chairman and CEO of the space Group Inc.., a Nevada Corporation engaged in the research and development of interactive spaces.  Some of this research resulted in an innovative method of distributing media and digital services called “Auricasting”. Michael has served a variety of companies as a technologist; Mr. Short has authored international patents for interactive television systems, distributed media delivery platforms, and media and rights tracking platforms, giving him a broad background of experience and opportunities to create new technologies in differing environments and circumstances. His accomplishments include work with Sony, Phillips, Toshiba, ABC, Golden Channels Israel, Paramount, Hasbro Electronics, Apple Computer, Microsoft, Fox Master Control, Fox Sports, and others. With mentors including Francis Ford Coppola, Michael was instrumental in the paradigm shift from linear (tape/film) based production to non-linear (disc/TiVo) with influences ranging from QuickTime™ to news and video editing systems, to the first tapeless broadcast facility for Fox Sports. CTO Michael has taken several companies through the growth phases planned for Ageless Explorers Inc., and is ideally suited to direct the CTO aspects of our success. Michael also was called personally to do the 2012 Academy Awards to do the stage lighting and special effects.

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