The New SMART Schools

Inside Dream Voyager 1 you will find- "One Stop Shopping for a New Lifestlye"


    Imagine a classroom where every student shows attentiveness. Instead of hard chairs and desks, each is given a more relaxed and comfortable environment to be in. Imagine a classroom where the instructor receives instant feedback on every student's performance and is able to assign tailor-made homework. Imagine the day when ADD is recognized as a gift and not a disability. This happens inside Dream Voyager 1.     

 Teaching history and other subjects in these incredible environments will intrigue children as they experience the feelings, sense the thrill of being in the moment and interact with important historical figures and other famous people who brought strength and knowledge in all aspects of learning. Everyone will experience this in his or her classrooms.

EIT Learning System


BESI (BLISS Entertainment Studios Inc.) offers a highly engaging, dynamic interactive multimedia instructional technology that accelerates learning through whole brain instruction. We take all the multimedia-teaching tools imaginable and integrate them into an interactive 3D visual transport. Opening the senses to see, touch, feel, hear and taste everything that is happening in that moment of time. This will open the right and left-brain at the same time, as a result the student's attention span, retention and comprehension has the potential to increase from 1.5% to 85% -95%.      

  By opening all 5 senses we are able to teach at a faster rate, excite the learning process like never before and open the right and left-brain at the same time resulting in a larger comprehension levels.

Our Teaching Techniques


As your child enters their classroom they enter through a portal of time, taking them into the learning experience. For example: If they are entering a history room and they are studying the Civil War, they will walk through a portal that brings them onto the battle field giving them the sense they are there.      

Using special effects and holographic technology and robotics, we can bring in important people that will talk to them, giving them the feeling they are really in the room with them. Lights, music, special effects and more will not only intrigue your child, but will excite them to learn. Comprehension is increased because they are using both sides of the brain and learning is entertaining to them. They will thirst for more.    

   We have combined education and entertainment into a unique learning environment to expand the brain and make learning a whole lot more interesting and fun.

Dream Voyager 1

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