THE NEWBICON EFFECT "Membership Community"

Building stronger families and great communities

A new inovative way to learn business, build a business, and create a sustainable income

Open enrollment begins this fall. A new fun and exciting entrepreneurial membership community  for families and friends  where you can grow your business, start a business through our membership commuinty and coming in (2020) you will be able to build your business by playing inside our new online video game, in MMORPG Format.



The Membership Community

The membership community is for friends, family and individuals who want to start making money NOW! The new video game will be released  in 2020 for the Spring season. By joining now you will have access to the game business building community where you can start preparing your skills to develop your business, and citizenship recruitment to help establish  your village that comes with your membership enrollment.  There are also several different perks you will receive for membership enrollment. 

Early Game Time Preparation

For the first time you can prep for this new fun and exciting video game before it is even released. By joining the membership club you will have access to many tools you will need to play the game.  You will be given a village that normally you would have to earn $150 in dopple bucks to get your village. Next you will get access to the citizenship enrollment.  And even more exciting you can start your business  development immediately. What this means is you can start earning money NOW!

How It Works

Here is how it works... You pre-enroll in the membership community. Then you will be sent an E-Book explaining how the game works and how to start recruiting your citizens. You will receive bonus $ for every citizen you recruit who has pre-enrolled.  However if you recruit someone to sign up you will receive a higher bonus. You will also receive instructions inside the E-Book of how to start  pre-product development and earn $ for this as well. There are many other perlks you will find for joining the Newbicon Effect Membership Community.

Subsrription enrollment avaliable in October 2018

The Entrepreneurial Network

By joining the membership community you will get many differnt advantages such as access to the entrepreneurial citizenship network. This is a great way to do early recrution for citizens for your villages. for the video game. You will have access to an amazing list of other members who are looking for a planet and a village to reside in. This gives you an advantage over of those who don't join the game till its release in 2020. 

The Newbicon Effect Video Game

This new video game is the first gamming format where entrepreneurs, gamers, or anyone who wants to learn how to how to enhance their talents where they can build them into a real business. This is a game where you can make “real money” while having fun inside a magical, mystical, and entertaining universe and at the same time you are learning valuable skills sets.  We have created safe place to learn business with a simplified educational program called “EIT” that immediately engages the player into a 3D world of fantasy, magic, and adventure while teaching powerful skills and tools to generate revenue with their talents. As you learn and play in the game you will also learn the powerful tools of giving back to others. As a Village, Country, or Planet owner you will be required to teach this to your citizens so that your communities will thrive, and grow.  

Subsribe this October 1st 2018

Drop us a line! Get your free e-book (avaliable this October)


Fill out form below and receive your free e-book  this August. The book explains how the Newbicon Effect works. By enrolling now in the membership community you have access to all kinds of perks and benefits.


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