An experience that takes you out of Earths Galaxy into the unknown, there you will travel through portals that take you on adventures of, mystery, magic and fantasy…


A new type of community center designed to help people in their communities to learn effective business, entrepreneurship as well as a new kind of education. Plus we have a place for shopping, entertainment, good food and just plain fun!  Inside Toates Wacky Wonder Emporium you will experience excitement that will lifetime…  As you enter Toates Wacky Wonder Emporium you will be transported in a world of fun, magic, mystery, adventure and the most amazing learning experience on the planet!

Dream Voyager 1 K-12 Entrepreneurial Academy


 Dream Voyager 1 K-12 Entrepreneur Academy (Public does not have access to school side of the emporium without security clearance)  Basement: Locker Rooms and Lunch Room Main Level: Administrative offices, parent training classrooms, CWNN News Station and Music Hall, Art Center, Culinary Art Kitchens.  First level: Interactive classrooms for ages K-12 Second Level: Interactive classrooms for ages K-12 Third Level: Fab Labs and Business Arena Fourth level: Gymnasium, Assembly Hall, and Dance Hall for all grades Roof: Hydroponic Facility

The Functions inside Dream Voyager 1    

  Imagine a classroom where every student shows attentiveness. Instead of hard chairs and desks, each is given a more relaxed and comfortable environment to be in. Imagine a classroom where the instructor receives instant feedback on every student's performance and is able to assign tailor-made homework. Imagine the day when ADD is recognized as a gift and not a disability. This happens inside Dream Voyager 1.Teaching history and other subjects in these incredible environments will intrigue children as they experience the feelings, sense the thrill of being in the moment and interact with important historical figures and other famous people who brought strength and knowledge in all aspects of learning. Everyone will experience this in his or her classrooms.

IMAGINE A portal into a new world


 A place where you can go to that will take you far away from the normal hustle and bustle of shopping. A place that will relax you and give you enjoyment when you shop, play and learn, it will take you into a world where there are fun characters you can interact with play with and more. This is the Toates Wacky Wonder Emporium!

We want to give our consumer an experience that will bring them back over and over again. With the economy the way it is today all retailers are trying to re-invent themselves to get more consumers through their doors.    We believe we have a great solution to the problem, which is why we are building this great Emporium.  The emporium was designed for a new kind of community center.  A place where people in the community can come together with their family and friends to help each other  learn the tools to rebuild their communities in a very unique environment.  The Emporium provides programs with new learning facilities that will help the young and the old entrepreneur to grow and become more successful.   The consumer is looking for new things to excite them and engage them. This we know we can do inside the Emporium. Because of our technology and other technologies that are available today, we can change things over and over again to give new experiences inside the Emporium each time the consumer come in.

Opportunities inside the emporium

Inside Toates


WHAT IS INSIDE THIS MAGICAL PLACE  Throughout the Emporium you will find many outlets that provide opportunities for the consumer and the entrepreneur as well as a very exciting experience inside.  The emporium is run off of green energy, as well as recycling water use throughout.

Each retail store will have different 3D special effect characters in a 7D environment explaining the various products or services for that store.  In addition these characters will be walking around the Emporium grounds sharing information about the village flowers, antiques and various displays.  The high tech 3D special effect characters will intrigue customers and provide such a different magical experience they will return time and time again. The company also an entrepreneurial lab inside the Emporium, to help increase opportunities for revenues and help entrepreneurs become more successful.  This environment will showcase many products and services providing a unique experience that will provide a platform for the introduction of new products being released. The Emporium will also introduce our new educational training for all to experience.      Bliss Entertainment Studios has already started to line up local vendors to sell their products and services inside the emporium.  With our technology, we can show other brands how their products can be promoted in the retail setting in a unique way that the consumer will remember and share with others.  This technology can also be licensed to these companies to put into place at other locations there products are sold.

Toates Emporium


Toates Wacky Wonder Emporium is a 7 story Space Ship shaped like a Manta Ray with beautiful chrome paint effects. This will be built on 15 acres of land that will showcase fun holographic and special effects using fun characters in a magical wonder.  This will be a shopping and learning experience for all ages.  The Emporium will be a place to shop and play within an environment where fun interactive characters come to life providing entertainment and fun through 7D environment platform.  The different shops will become store fronts for ice cream parlors, flower shops, clothing, electronics, gamming theaters, activity shops, entrepreneurial opportunities and training, and many more shops

High-Tech Business Portal


Inside The Professors Laboratory  This place inside the Emporium offers opportunities that you will not find anywhere else.  Inside you will find a new business model designed to increase the success rate for entrepreneurs and free products for the consumer.  Here is how it works. 

 1- You bring us your idea for a product or service.

2- We help you design your product, fine tune it and then we create the prototype. 

3- 3D prototype is designed and produced, and then it’s ready to take it to our Beta testing room to see how the consumer likes it. If we need to make adjustments to the product we will do this after we get the results from the beta testing.  (Local consumers can become beta testers and receive free products.) 

4- Once the product is ready we then take it to our manufacturing facility. 

 5- The Emporium then creates a unique marketing campaign for your product to ensure great sales.   

 6- Then the product is shipped to us and we immediately put it on the shelves in our “Grow It and Show It Shop”. Now you are generating an income from your products in 6 months.  All products will also be available inside  the emporium.  

7- You retain all rights to your products and brand and generate revenues through royalty sales.

High-tech Gaming Arena


The Fantasy Interactive Gaming Arena  The Fantasy Interactive Gaming Arena is a place where you and your family and friends will step into a different world and travel through portals that will take to fun and magical places to play great games and more.  One attraction is a live holographic interactive board game full of adventures that you can play together at the same time, as you become the “pon” inside the game.    Inside our new gaming arena there is something very different that you will find.  

 1- Are you a gamer? 

2- Do you have a video game idea you want to create?  

3- Inside this gamming arena you can do just that.

 4- Come inside our “Inventors Room” and we have a team of experts waiting for you. They will guide you through and help you design the game.

 5- Once the game is completed we will produce it and not only sell it inside our “Grow it and Show It Shop” but we will also have it up on our big screens inside our gaming theaters for everyone to play. 

6- You get all rights to your games as well as a nice royalty for all games sold inside the gaming arena and other retail outlets.    

7- If you like to play video games you can apply to become a beta tester and get free products and coupon for our gaming arena.

Grow and Show It Shop


Wacky and Wild Rags This cool new store overflows with fun styles of clothing and accessories for everyone. Take a journey to many different places and meet fun, interactive characters who will assist you with whatever you need.   But that's not all. If you like fashion and want to design, we have a place inside where you can design your own fashions and we will sell them inside the store.

 1- You bring us your design for your new fashions 

2- We help you create it and then send it off to our manufacturing facility.  

3- Then we have our models where your fashions at our daily fashion show to promote your product. 

4- You retain all rights to your designs and you get a great royalty from sales generated inside our stores.

More Stores & Shops



*Sweet Smells Flower Shop

*Portal Deck Adventures

*Holographic Gaming Room

*Fantasy Gaming Theaters

*Grow It and Show It Shop

*Skyrider Space Station

*Pro Golf Gaming Arena

*Hover Board Raceway

*Namaste (technologies for ADD)

*Wild and Wacky Rags

*Mystical Movie Theaters

*Magic Forest Buffet

*Ice Cream Fantasy Shop

*Around the World Market

*The Grand Concert Hall

*Pro Bowling Gaming Arena

*Cocaob Deli

*Hubble Harvester Mill

*Life Zone

*Professors Lab

*The Hot Dog Shop


*3D Dance  Studio

*EZWay Network

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