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Lost legend of the Tude Shifters


The story begins as a professor called Wallahoo and his assistant Sheldon are looking for the cure of world hunger. Little do they know that they’re about to change the world?  With the help of the professor Maniti’s father’s old friend, Professor Jones and an Indian called Cloud Walker, they will start a journey to unknown galaxies and great worlds beyond the imagination of anything today.

The village of Rislove


 The Village of Rizolve was neat and clean with beautiful cobblestone roads and white-washed, thatched-roof cottages. Each cottage had its own fenced yard and kitchen garden. The front yards, in this summer season, were festooned with flowers. Lazy cats and dogs napped in the warm sunlight on the entry walk or porch. Walking down Main Street, you would see children playing in the park or riding bikes, and skateboards. Neighbors would be chatting at the postal shop, store, or bakery. Those strolling would be greeting each other. At the end of Main Street, where the road continued across the fields, a country driveway climbed the hill on the left. Following the drive, your eyes would be naturally drawn to a domed commercial building nestled in a grove of majestic oak trees surrounded by flowers and rolling green lawns. The villagers were always curious about what went on in this building. They knew two scientists were conducting their experiments there. They called it, Professor Wallahoo’s laboratory. The villagers often wished they knew what the Professor was doing in his lab, but he was so dedicated to his work, he very seldom took time to visit in the village.

The portal into the new world


“In a distant galaxy far away on the magical planet of Infinitude the excitement  could be felt everywhere.  

The Changeables were preparing for the coming of the  chosen to fulfill the ‘journey’ into the new world”

 In the distant galaxy of Newbicon, on the planet of Infinitude, you could see brilliant aurora lights shining thru the windows in the Grand Obeylion.  It cast a rainbow of colors on the walls of this white stone castle. The Grand Obeylion was the great palace where lived Wazzgo the Great, the wise old leader of the Changeables.   Had he lived for over a million yeas? No one really knew for sure. “Jalopy,” called Wazzgo, “come here.”  Jalopy’s running echoed down the long hallway. 

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